Complete General Requirements: Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts I and II

Date Published: 
April 14, 2014

Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts I and II

UWRT 1101 and UWRT 1102

First and Second Summer Session 2014


This two-part sequence encourages students to become aware of their own literate development and practices so that they might rhetorically read and compose print, visual and multimodal forms of writing more intentionally at the university and beyond. Students learn to understand that various forms of writing all have their own conventions that can be adapted to serve different purposes. Writers are taught that sophisticated writing requires sophisticated understanding of contexts, tools, and audiences. Learning is fostered by continually encouraging students to critically reflect on their own composing practices, assumptions, and goals with writing. Writing includes inquiry, reflection, and assumes a process approach. Students use writing to learn and develop their writing by collaborating with peers and their teacher. They also learn how to conduct research, organize evidence, recognize and adapt writing conventions, and revise work to refine their ideas and respond to reader feedback.