A Good Life: What is it?

Date Published: 
May 22, 2014

Western Historical and Cultural Awareness. “A Good Life:  What is it?

LBST 2101-335 CRN: 40760 

Second Summer Session

How does one live it?”   This course will examine the ways in which a “good life” has been defined and prescribed in the West, beginning with the Greeks and ending with contemporary theory and studies on happiness.   We will look to Buddhist traditions and meditation as a counterpoint to Western modes of thinking about a good life.  Areas of course content will include ethics, philosophy, religious studies, and psychology (with a nod to neuroscience).   The “examined life” of each participant is the real focus of the course with readings, writings, visits and interviews culminating in student portfolios and presentations. (TR 1:15-4:45 Celia Sinclair)