Summer Session for "Theatre and Modernity" Available

Date Published: 
February 18, 2014

Theatre and Modernity: 17th - 20th Century Theatre History

THEA 3132-001 CRN: 31101

First Summer Session 2014
Assistant Professor of Dramaturgy

This course explores the early modern, high modern, post modern evolution in Western theatre. Specific case studies include: the Restoration English theatre of the 17th century; 18th century German Romanticism; the radical scientific realism of the 19th century Moscow Art Theatre; the emergence of Europe’s first self-consciously avant-garde theatres at the start of the 20th century; and later developments on the American stage. 

For each era we discuss how theatre shaped (and was shaped by) its surrounding social forces — such as literature, technology, politics, and individual talents. One theme to be explored during our study of the unbroken collaboration between theatre and society will be the modern age’s ever accelerating “demand for the new.” A key feature of this course is its studio component; students will work "on their feet" to experience how playwriting, theatre spaces, stage practices, and historical acting philosophies influenced each other in this time of frenzied innovation!