New Updates For Summer 2020:

  1. New names for Summer terms - The three summer terms are Summer Full Term (formerly Extended Summer), Summer First Half (formerly Summer I) and Summer Second Half (formerly Summer II).
  2. Enhanced course search - All summer courses are listed under one search term in the course schedule. Use the "session" selection if you only want to see classes in a specific session.
  3. Change in payment date -  Payment is due at the beginning of the Summer, on May 19. If you add classes or incur charges after May 19, payment for those late adds is due by June 30. If you registered for a summer class, but no longer plan to attend, be sure to drop the class before the add/drop deadline to avoid being billed.
  4. Financial aid - If you are eligible for summer financial aid, please be aware that ALL financial aid disbursements for both the Summer First Half and Summer Second Half  will be combined and paid prior to the Summer First Half. This means that if you reduce your summer course hours after you receive your disbursement, you may be required to pay back funds for the classes you dropped. Plan carefully to register for the courses that you need and take steps to finish the courses successfully.
  5. Summer course wish list -  For Students that would like to submit course requests that are not available on the summer schedule.