If you are taking UNC Charlotte Summer Session courses to transfer to your home institution, be sure to check with your home institution before registering to confirm the applicability of specific UNC Charlotte Summer Session courses to your academic program.  You should also arrange to have a transcript of your UNC Charlotte course work sent to their home institution upon the completion of your Summer Session classes.

Yes, UNC Charlotte offers a variety of summer learning opportunities for professional educators.  More information on the summer courses available for teachers.

Summer tuition and fees are billed on a per credit hour basis. Tuition and fee information.

Absolutely!  The University of North Carolina at Charlotte welcomes summer visitors who wish to earn course credits toward their degree from another institution, for their professional advancement, or for their personal enrichment. However, you will need to submit an application, plus a $60 application fee to the University before registering for summer courses.  More information for Visiting Summer School students.

If you were enrolled at UNC Charlotte for spring semester, you only need to speak with your advisor  about the course or courses best suited to your degree objectives, and then register as you would for spring or fall semesters. 

If you’ve been accepted to UNC Charlotte for fall semester, you can apply for admission and register for Summer classes through the University’s Freshman First program.  Detailed information on Freshman First

Undergraduate students may take up to 7 credit hours per summer session. Requests for more than 7 hours must be submitted via Academic Petition in Banner Self-Service. Graduate students may take up to 6 credit hours per summer session. Request for more than 6 hours must be submitted via Academic Petition in Banner Self-Service.

Students may purchase a student parking permit for the period of the course(s) they are taking in the Summer. You can take care of this in person at the Parking and Transportation Services Office in the Maintenance and Operations/Parking Services Building. You will need to present your driver's license, your license plate number, and your insurance information (policy number).  Additional information on parking.

Dining services are available during Summer Session. Information on Summer Session meal plans and locations of dining facilities.

Residence permits for Summer Session are available. Applications and information for Summer.

UNC Charlotte offers two five-week sessions and one ten-week session. For 2019, the first five-week session runs from May 20 - June 26. The ten-week session runs from May 20 - August 7 and the second five-week session runs from July 1 - August 7. The full academic calendar for Summer 2019 may be found here: Academic Calendar. Please note: due to the condensed time frame for Summer sessions, deadlines on the Academic Calendar are shortened.

Feel free to contact us with your questions at summer49er@uncc.edu or 704-687-1283.

The final application deadline for first summer session is May 1, 2019 and June 1, 2019 for second summer session. However, many summer courses will fill up quickly. Please be sure to fill out the online application early. Admissions.

Admissions will take about two weeks to process your application; once your application is processed you will receive a letter with your username, ID number, and instructions on how to register for your classes. Additional information on summer registration.