Discover Summer School

Discover yourself.
Spark an interest.
Remember a long lost dream.

Find an on-campus or online class this summer at UNC Charlotte.

Discover yourself.
  • American Studies
  • Psychology
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Religious Studies
Spark an interest.
  • International Studies
  • Language and Culture Studies
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Analytics
Remember a long lost dream.
  • Music
  • Dance & Theatre
  • English
  • History

Classes in these subjects and many others will be available this summer. The schedule will be released in December, and registration begins in March. Add your name to our mailing list. We would love to help you discover summer.

Moving you closer with Distance Education.

To the promotion.
To a new career.
To the future you always wanted.

Niners Tailgating

UNC Charlotte offers online degrees tailored for adults.

Online programs provide busy individuals - with work, family, and other responsibilities - the opportunity to pursue their education without traveling to campus. Distance education programs include baccalaureate completion programs, master's degrees, graduate certificates, and teacher licensure programs delivered either online or via select site-based locations throughout North Carolina.